Ashgar Connemara Pony Stud

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A pony with charisma, fabulous sport pony paces, excellent conformation

“The future of the Ashgar Connemara Stud is assured. The Ashgar Connemara Pony Stud was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1979. At this stage the Connemara Pony was almost unknown in Southern Africa. Patience Worthington had imported Kierin of Leam and was breeding Connemara Ponies in Zimbabwe and Sydney Press imported Clonkeehan Barna Boy (CPS 182) and Abbeyleix Tansey to Coromandel Stud, South Africa. My husband and I purchased a farm in Clarens, Eastern Free State, South Africa and I decided that the hardy and versatile Connemara was the ideal breed for this mountainous, harsh and cold environment”
Christine Walwyn – Founder

Welcome to our new Ashgar Connemara Pony Stud Page. The Stud originated in Johannesburg South Africa in 1979. At that time the Connemara Pony was virtually unknown in South Africa with only a few people having imported the ponies from abroad. Mrs Christine Walwyn (recently deceased) with her husband purchased a farm in Clarens in the Eastern Free State. She decided that the hardy Irish Connemara Pony was the ideal breed for this mountainous, harsh often cold environment. This page is to celebrate the legacy of Christine’s Ashgar Connemara Pony Stud and the existing ponies as well as to promote the brand “ASHGAR” that is the foundation of the newer generations of today.